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He spent time licking the soft delicate skin in the crease between her thighs and her pussy, knowing that she would be imagining him licking her.She placed her hands on the back of his shaved head, gently scratching him with her manicured nails.

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John climbed on to the bed, kissing his way along every inch of the smooth skin of her thighs.He pulled away from her, and, keeping his hands on her hips, he knelt on the floor behind her.His face was level with her arse, and he gently blew on her before leaning closer and giving each cheek a playful, gentle bite. He continued to bite her cheeks, then began to kiss and lick her, moving his mouth over the tiny red marks where he had just bitten her, then down onto her thighs, finally he pushed his mouth against her silk covered pussy, pushing his tongue out and forcing the fabric into her pussy slightly.Phrases like "fuck" "fucking hell" and "what the fuck am I doing" had been muttered by him in the car, along with "oh my fucking God, this is crazy". He parked his car close to the address he had been given.He sent a text which read simply, "I am here." Without waiting for a reply, he placed the phone in his pocket and walked over to the apartment.

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