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The certificates can be ordered by post for a small fee. In Ireland we work in partnership with the well-known Irish genealogy company Eneclann who carry out bespoke research for anyone tracing their Irish ancestors.For other research assistance check out the partners section of our web site.As a queer historian, a frustrating amount of my research comes from records of arrests.

Try searching with less information in the search terms, and with name variants ticked and years or – a few years to make sure you don't miss out on a potential match. You might be searching at an early time frame where records are sparser, or you might be focusing on the wrong sources.

You need to know their name(s), their date(s) of birth in Ireland, the names of siblings and/or parents, and most importantly where they came from.

We've also rounded up the most common questions we received during the accompanying live Q&A. To ensure you have the best chance of success you need as much information as possible about your immigrant ancestors before approaching the Irish records.

Payment is due in advance to reserve your time slots. "Do you remember back in grade school that teacher who never yelled yet everyone respected and obeyed? Friendly but focused and intense, Brian pushes me to exceed my previous limits not by yelling at me, but because I know that he's tailored the exercises specific to my strengths and weaknesses, and I can see how he is constantly fine-tuning the order and type of exercises to push me further past my previous failure points.

All sessions are non-refundable and expire 6 months from date of purchase. This summer I'm looking forward to setting newer and higher fitness goals for myself and having Brian's creative routines and coaching to get me there." "I usually workout about 4-5 times a week on my own.

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