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Anyone in a similar situation who is getting employer contributions should take the potential loss of them into consideration.

On a closely related topic, these two different methods of delivering tax relief mean that there are actually many thousands of people in work who are non-taxpayers and who are missing out on tax relief.

You can decide when you’re there – both are excellent. (B, L, D) Today we return by boat to Puerto Maldanado where we’ll show you the colorful and lively local market.

In just over an hour, we’ll go from the barren landscape of Lima to the lush jungle of the Peruvian Amazon.We’ll go to our hotel and allow our bodies to adjust to the altitude.During our rest, we’ll have an interesting lecture about the Incas and the Spaniards which will provide important background as we prepare to see these great sites.If you open a personal pension, a self-invested personal pension or a stakeholder pension then contributions of up to £3,600 per year can be made and will attract tax relief at the standard 20 per cent rate, even if you are not in work.Some of these pensions deliver tax relief under a different system known as the ‘Net Pay Arrangement’.

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