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So we chilled, googled some things, i massaged him, we laughed a little, I went to get us dinner, we ate, and eventually fell asleep.Shrimps' Ramsey Long Coat exudes a whimsical, yet sophisticated quality for the cooler temperatures ahead.Another source said the Bucs midfielder allegedly dated Thato for a year-and-a-half. The source claims Oupa dated Thato, although her family wanted her to stop seeing him.“They were against the relationship because they knew Oupa was a married man,” said the source.All that is required is for opposing sides have the same length; nothing states that adjacent sides have to have different lengths.Thus, a square is just a special kind of information age and can be traced to the ancient Greek philosophers, they have taken on greater significance in recent years in computer science with the growing need to make sense of oceans of data.

“It was when he heard that his wife Johanna had allegedly had a one-night stand with Skeem Saam actor, Mlungisi Mathe. “We knew about the affair because he used to come and pick up Thato in Mondeor, south of Joburg, where she was staying.

Oupa started controlling her and she had to report our every move to him.

It was as if he wanted control of everything – and was scared his wife would find out.” The source went on to claim that Oupa paid Thato R6 000 for an abortion in July last year.

When Thato was contacted for comment, she said: “My private life is private. So, please speak with celebrities – not me.” Oupa refused to comment, saying: “Stop writing sh*t stories,” before he hung up the phone.

Ed Williams on alt.usage.english chuckled over sometimes seeing references to "Congress and the Senate." The fact that we still have so much occasion to refer to Congress as a whole is probably the only thing that has saved Neal Whitman blogs at Literal-Minded, where he writes about linguistics in everyday life from the point of view of a husband and father.

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