Harshad chopra dating sriti jha

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He is a married superstar she falls in love with on the web-series.Tridha says that director Suhail Tatari was very transparent during the narration and explained how the love-making scenes were a part of the script.Media calls it an affair, some calls it a casting couch but only two people know the truth.Spotlight is about such a journey.” Has she ever heard about casting couch nightmares from friends?If I get a comedy, I will need to do immense homework.

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Tridha was rumoured to be dating Harshad Arora during Dahleez. If I have a relationship later on in life, it would be out when it should be out,” signs off Tridha.A few months back, Tridha posted some holiday snaps that had her in swimwear.Considering how some actresses were slut-shamed, did she not get worried? I did not post the pictures to draw someone’s attention.Spotlight is more about how love comes in different forms and how you adapt.It is different.” People are also talking about her chemistry with Sid Makkar.

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