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The chat bot can look for one or more keywords in various combinations in its knowledge base to establish an appropriate line to say.

The plugin can be further enhanced by a connection to your community database to provide more information.

Yet Actin® allows this complexity to be hidden from the developer by a simple object oriented interface. Actin’s robotic simulation tools have been used to simulate a number of different robotic systems, both mobile and fixed including many that were ultimately controlled using Actin®.It's been a long-anticipated addition to what was an already successful video chat package, made possible by the new application framework in the 3.0 release.This automated messenger can parse public and private chat for its name and a query, giving the best answer it can, as set by the flash chat owner in the bot's knowledge base through the control panel.Actin® can simulate joint actuators such as servos and motors, and take into account parameters including inertia, friction, gear ratio, torque, and gear backlash in order to test how a system will perform and how it will react to varying loads and conditions.Actin® dynamic simulation can also be used to model robotic rovers to evaluate performance on different terrains.

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