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The male has a long, oddly shaped penis that can move independently of his pelvis — a necessary feature, given that the female's reproductive tract is located between her hind legs, facing the ground.Deed done, he will guard her from other males for about two days (and mate with her again during this time), until she is no longer in estrous. The male quickly moves on to romance other females.When a female is in estrous, she releases pheromones (chemical signals) in her urine and vaginal secretions.If a male comes into the herd, he will gauge the reproductive state of the females by sniffing their urine and genitalia.

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And he’s knows this X-rated behavior is not allowed—at least not in my house. If he looks interested I’ll call him over and have him lie down which he’ll do willingly, but when he thinks I’m not looking, he gives them amorous looks, sidles up next to them and thinks about helping himself.

Without birth control dogs breed promiscuously leading to overpopulation, poor health, and disease.

The two on the right have just copulated and are now in what's called a tie. Interestingly, most clients have no qualms about fixing their female dog; however, for some men, the mention of surgery for their male dog puts them on the defensive.

A male elephant may have to chase after a potential mate and stop her movement with his trunk.

Other times, no chasing is involved, and the male will simply rest his head on the back of the female before he mounts her.

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