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One hundred years ago the idea of sexual politics would have been unthinkable.For many in the lecture today the 1960s which unleashed the so called sexual revolution seems more a source of comic relief and tragic nostalgic recirculation than political inspiration.I understand these are comparatively rare in women but I wake from a dream having an orgasm.'We all probably associate the term 'wet dream' (nocturnal emission) with horny teenage boys, but Jackie shares a similar experience: 'In my older years, I have definitely developed a relationship with myself. And, surprisingly, in the last five years my body has created orgasms during my sleep.No dreams – just waking up during the orgasm; obviously, there was no penetration, but the pleasure was just as powerful.'Jackie's last sexual experience was with a younger man six years ago, when she was sixty-five.Phenomenal.'She continues: 'We saw each other on alternate weekends and generally had sex two to three times over the course of two days.When we travelled together there was rarely a night when we did not have sex.'Sex in her twenties, Rochelle says, was far less exciting than it is now, and her libido hasn't slowed down either.Then she found out her husband was playing away so she went onto Tinder (or similar).

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For progressives it is heralded as a time of revolutionary ferment which ushered in much needed social change, ushering in the civil rights movements, decolonisation, women’s liberation, gay & lesbian liberation, green and peace movements.

Sexual libido had been colonised and brought into the service of capitalism’s nexus of production and consumption.

The bourgeoisie a century earlier had forged an identity around the confinement of sexuality within the private domain of the heterosexual family.

From losing their virginity, to orgasms, STIs, body image and libido, no topic is left uncovered.

O'Donnell came up with the idea while watching older people riding bikes in Germany, something he hadn't seen in his hometown back in Canada.

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